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My favorite astronomy books

The thing with astronomy is that you need to read as much information as possible if you want to fully understand how this entire Universe works. Books are the only gate to knowledge and they allow you to find interesting things and theories written by experts that have already gained experience after years or decades of studying astronomy.

Since I like to share with other my all-time passion, I’ve decided to give you a list of books that I’ve read. All of these suggestions are based on things I find interesting as well as the way they explain facts and terms so that even an astronomy novice can understand.

‘The Backyard Astronomer’s Guide’ by Terence Dickinson and Alan Dyer

This book is basically a useful guide that treats all levels of astronomy so it’s a great start for a beginner that wants to get a clear view of the basics. If you’re keen to learn how to choose a great telescope or how to read celestial maps, this book is meant for you.

Another major aspect is that the book provides more than 500 color photographs and different illustrations, along with a 20-page guide about the Milky Way.

‘Astronomy: A Beginner’s Guide to the Universe’ by Eric Chaisson and Steve McMillan

If you plan on taking the astronomy hobby to the next level, I strongly recommend you to read this amazing book written by well-respected authors in the field. In fact, Eric Chaisson holds a Doctorate degree in Astrophysics released by the Harvard University while Steve McMillan is a great scientist that has developed educational programs at the Space Telescope Science Institute.

This creative book establishes an interesting and unique way of learning everything about stars. It’s a good tool for beginners as well because the words used to describe the astronomical events don’t require much experience. Plus, there’s a CD included and a list of sources if you want to expand the topics discussed in the book.

‘Discover the Stars’ by Richard Berry

The reason why I chose this book is that I believe it’s great to have an expert such as Richard Berry giving us insights regarding everything that takes place up in the sky. Easy to read and to comprehend, this written treasure starts with a display of some of the majority of the celestial objects that can be seen with the naked eye and then moves on to different stargazing locations that require a telescope or a great pair of binoculars.  



5 awesome presents for book nerds


There’s nothing better than enjoying a nice book and sipping a cup of tea just before going to bed. Or maybe in a quiet Sunday afternoon when you have no chores left to do. People that love books are so-called ‘book nerds’ but in reality, they like to engage in interesting stuff that develops their personality and improves their level of knowledge instead of focusing on useless activities.

If you have a friend or a co-worker that likes to read as well, here you have some interesting suggestions that might make your job a tad easier. Depending on his or her genre preferences, you can actually get a few cool gifts that will be cherished forever.



Rechargeable LED book light

In your search for gifts for book lovers, you shouldn’t overlook lamps. It might sound like a totally uninspired item but a genuine reading lover knows how important is to have a device like this that comes in handy when trying not to disturb others at night. Plus, there’s no need to use electricity. You either charge it or use batteries and some models are equipped with a flexible neck that can be bend in the desired direction.


Foam reading pillow

It’s quite awkward and really unhealthy to spend hours reading in bed or at the desk. Also, since this activity is a pleasant one, you can’t go wrong with a reading pillow filled with foam shreds. Moreover, it gives plenty of back support while reading or watching a movie. The pillow can stay in the living room, bedroom and can be used by children and adults alike. Also, it’s lightweight and the soft plush velour provides a cozy and comfortable experience.


Reading journal

Although a tad oldfashioned, people that like books are fond of the idea of having a private journal where they can keep track of the books they’ve read and other comments. It’s great to make lists of your favorite authors and special quotes that leave a mark in a reader’s soul.

Even though there are special mobile apps that have this type of information, what’s written with a pen stays there forever. It’s useful to have a record of the books you’ve read especially if you’re in a book club or you own a large book collection and tend to borrow to different people.



Literature mug

Because reading goes excellent with a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate, a literature mug that is outfitted with opening lines belonging to some of the greatest literature art pieces is more than welcomed. Besides, these mugs come in pretty large sizes so even the most avid coffee or tea drinker will be satisfied with this gift.


Novel tea bags

Since we’re in the mugs area, tea is a magical beverage that creates the perfect atmosphere for reading. You can opt for a special present that has some of the most appreciated English tea in the world and each bag is marked with literary quotes from well-known books.