My favorite indie music


Indie music is not easy to define as a genre, but most of the bands in the industry do gather some similarities regarding their style, lyrics, instruments, and message. The instruments used are simple and natural, trying to create an authentic vibe, away from auto-tune and hard bass. Guitar, piano, tambourine, and the violin represent the instruments most indie lovers play with in order to create new and enchanting sounds.

Indie music is based on people’s love for simple and authentic music, for good vibes, and pleasure to sing. Most of the indie bands still try to keep it small and simple, powerful and emotional. They sing for pleasure and often enough prefer small crowds instead of stadium concerts, and spin-off hits on radios.

So, if you like to learn more about indie music and my favorite bands, just keep on reading.

Arctic Monkeys

Ranging from indie rock and alternative, the sound of Arctic Monkeys is refreshing with just the right dose of insanity given by the rock influences. Formed back in 2002, the band gained worldwide recognition through songs like “R U Mine” and “Do I Wanna Know”. Until now, the band released five different studio albums and is planning to release the sixth (entitled TBA) at the beginning of 2018.

Nominated over 90 times at different categories of music awards, Arctic Monkeys managed to win no less than 38 awards,  and was nominated for the Grammy Awards 3 times.



With a history of over three decades now, Radiohead probably remains the most renowned indie band in the world. Another British sensation just like the aforementioned Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead managed to release no less than 9 studio albums and gained worldwide recognition through a series of hits like Creep. Some of the band’s most known albums are OK Computer (1997), Kid A (2000), and Amnesiac (2001).

Although the band didn’t manage to produce any more hits in the past few years, I still consider it the most influential indie and alternative rock band in the world. The band’s concerts are still extremely popular and I like that, after they ended up their collaboration with the EMI disc house, they continue to release new songs during their concerts, and thrill the audience.


The band’s first release, “Before the World Was Big” in 2015 managed to take everyone by surprise through their fresh rock sound and that “I don’t care” vibe specifically for teenagers and troublemakers. The teenage girl duo came back in 2017 with a slightly more mature version of themselves and with a more polished sound of the beloved bass and guitar.  

“Powerplant” is the name of the band’s second album and one interesting fact is that the first ten songs on the album are all under 3 minutes, anticipating the Millennials’ rush into the world and the lack of time.


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